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ShenFar Machinery., Co., Ltd

About us

未标题-1.jpgShenfar Machinery is fond in 2005, at the beginning, we are just a aluminum oem foundry, we have foucsed in thermosat housing industry for more than 10 years. regarding most of the cars are using plastic thermostat housing or coolant flanges and quite easy to get crack and leak after tens of thousands kilometers, some people are tired of replacing the flanges and they would like to pay a little more the save the trouble, one of our customer come to us and explain the problem to us and hope we can develop a aluminum flange instead of plastic so no need to replace any more, we measured the sample and get the sample winthin 2 month and it proved a success, so we developed more than 50 categories of cast aluminum coolant flanges or cast aluminum thermostat housing up to now, the parts including mainstream cars such as VW, AUDI, HUNDI, TOYOTA, FORD, etc, we keep working on the developing of new flange to meet our customers request, if you did not find the part you need, please contact us and we might able to develop the mold and make the parts for you, hope you can find the parts you need on our website.

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